Vivalently: Why you need to go vegan

Many people are guilty of eating delicious food, especially when going out to eat with friends or when parents cook something tasty for the whole family. Most of the time, the dishes that people enjoy are meat products. No one can blame other people for this because it takes a lot of resistance to not eat meat. Changing your diet is tough if you are already used to what you are eating every day. One will need a lot of help and support if he/she wants to change and eat for a healthier lifestyle. 

That is why Vivalently is here to give you reasons that might open your eyes and lead you to change your unhealthy habits and go for a healthier meal. 

Here are some reasons to think about whether a vegan diet is for you:

Reasons why you should become a vegan

For the Animals

In order for us to live we need to make use of our resources. One reason that may change your mind and go on a new diet is preventing animal cruelty. It may not be the deal-breaker as to why a person made a decision, but it can be also a factor because some people definitely love animals, especially those who have pets at home. Some people have that emotional connection to animals and that might be the key to changing someone’s diet. 

For your Health

This one is obvious because a lot of people are turning away from an unhealthy lifestyle. We see a lot of posts online on how eating an unbalanced diet can not only ruin your body shape but your health as well. Well-planned vegan diets provide all the nutrients that your body needs. Research states that people who are taking a vegan diet have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and they also have lower rates of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

For the environment

With global warming affecting us badly, many people are aiming for a change and these days, many are all conscious of ways of living a greener life. The connection of the environment to your eating habits is that animal products are a great contributor to the carbon footprint, so staying away from meat and dairy might be beneficial not only to you but to our environment.

The processing of meat and other animal products poses a heavy burden on our forests. It is actually a major contributor to deforestation. Your processed food like burgers are tasty and give you a delightful feeling, however, they contribute to the effects that our forests face today. 

Making the transition from eating meat to vegan is not simple, but giving you insights on what areas are affected might be a successful way that can lead you to your healthier lifestyle.